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What Our Clients Are Saying

Mark Surman

Mark Surman

Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

I was looking for someone who could help me balance both the strategic and tactical sides of the company. I came from a non-profit world, but my board came from the corporate tech world – we spoke different languages.

I’ve always been a big believer in coaching, and have experienced many styles over the years, but what stood out to me about The Coaching Studio is that they’re really pragmatic but also emotionally intelligent with a rich support service.

I began working with Andi and now primarily with Stephanie, and we took the company through a professional development program for all 3 layers of leadership – integrating coaching as well as training with management on skills in particular areas.

I noticed the team and management have evolved in communication styles, and with a mix of both non-profit and corporate tech backgrounds – communication was essential. We’re continuing to build a stronger dynamic team, and practice confidently communicating clearly. After completing the 3 layers of leadership, we’re now working as a cohesive, full-functioning team.

“They’re really pragmatic but also emotionally intelligent with a rich support service.”

Sarah Hinson

Sarah Hinson

Sr. People & Culture Manager, Plenty of Fish

Prior to partnering with The Coaching Studio, we hadn’t previously invested heavily in our leaders and solely relied on their level of natural ability and past experience prior to Plenty of Fish to lead their teams. After identifying a number of areas where our managers needed support, we sought out The Coaching Studio.

What stood out to us about The Coaching Studio was their experience and rapport with other tech companies. Their understanding of our landscape and individual stories and credentials in their bios made choosing their team an easy choice.

Through the 18 months, we received Executive and Leadership Coaching, Collective Development Sessions, and Coaching Skills Development with leaders in the company. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our managers who participated in the program. They have expressed that they enjoyed the course content, found long-term value in it, and were inspired by the facilitators.

What we appreciated most was their partnership approach. Follow up is important to us, and there was longevity in the follow-up. They ensured the goals we set out were reached and quickly adapted programs that aligned with our company culture and feedback.

This year, we’re excited to be participating in a Coaching Skills Development program, teaching our leaders their own coaching skills so they can coach their teams.

“It’s more of a partnership, and less of a client relationship.”

Anastasios Tsonis

Anastasios Tsonis

Vice President Finance, Response Biomedical

As our company was reaching the scale-up phase, we began noticing a culture clash as we added more people to support our growth. Those that have been in the company for years, and the other 50% who has recently joined weren’t speaking the same language.

Our CEO initially worked with Andi directly, then brought the leadership team and I to work on leadership skills. At first, I was hesitant since I’d never worked with a coach, but Stephanie and Michelle were quick to make me laugh, and we often ended up going overtime in our sessions because there was always more to talk about.

We decided to invest in 3 different modules geared towards 3 employee groups in our company. Their team helped us work through the soft skills of leadership. They helped facilitate discussions, allowing us to work together through the awkwardness, and jumping in when they needed to. As we continued with the sessions, giving appreciation to our team slowly became part of our routine.

“We were able to promote healthy conflict, and it pushed the boundaries of the company to do new things.”

United Way Canada

Dan Clement

President & CEO, United Way Centraide Canada

We first started using The Coaching Studio’s services through Andi with Executive Team Coaching and Leadership when we needed help becoming a high performing team. We quickly learned the value of understanding each other first, in order to work together.

We then brought The Coaching Studio Team in as our lead engagement support for our future state project. They assisted in re-engaging the networking on strategic decisions and resetting relationships to help drive our agenda forward.

They worked with us on “meeting design” and “process design”. It was an 18-month journey and they got us all the way to the finish line. They taught us how to show up with content and shaped our approach through facilitated meetings. Working with The Coaching Studio is uncomfortable at first because you don’t just sit in a boardroom and listen – they make you do the intense deep work.

It’s been 5 years working with them, and since then, the executive team and I continue to use their Coaching 360 and they are our core engagement facilitators when we need help focusing on what we need to accomplish.

“We have a lot of facilitators we’ve worked with, but we stick with them because we like their experiential side. Engagement is the way they approach their coaching, and we love that.”

Keith Driver

Keith Driver

Bakery Director, Aspire Bakeries

We were seeking training on how to deal with employees, have difficult conversations and how to give praise. We knew with a management team of 7 different departments, our management team needed to adapt techniques on how to lead conversations like these on a daily basis.

Other training companies I’ve used were dry and very old school. What stood out about The Coaching Studio was their ability to deliver in a more impactful way. Their sessions left our supervisors walking away with more. Expectations became clearer, and we learned to hold each other accountable.

At first, I had my questions, like “how does this person know about my industry and company?” But the progress spoke for itself. We noticed an increase in confidence with the management team, and there’s now open communication from department managers to employees.

“Their sessions left our supervisors walking away with more. Expectations became clearer, and we learned to hold each other accountable.”


Felicia Owen

Vice President of HR, Teradici

Our company has always been collaborative with involved leaders and passionate teams. We’d coached our teams internally, but there was never a formal leadership program. We collectively had aligned values and a similar approach to leadership development, and we were looking for a partner to help build on the skills that we didn’t have the resources to initiate in-house.

As we started transitioning and restructuring, we knew we were going to experience rapid growth and needed strong leaders. The Coaching Studio demonstrated their style through a session with the senior leadership team and we knew we wanted to continue to work with them. At first, we focused on the Executive Team, yet transitioned to truly focus on building existing and future leaders. We also offered an optional Learning Leadership Development Program for every existing and new team member.

“The Coaching Studio made it easy for me to trust that they are leading and facilitating programs for leadership development the way that I would.”


Jemma Souness

Director of Learning & Talent Development, Methanex

We’ve been working with The Coaching Studio for 5-7 years through High-Impact Coaching and Live 360-Degree Feedback. Leadership development is important to us, and no matter what season of business we are in, our relationships continue to be strong with The Coaching Studio. They understand the importance of helping our employees perform the best they can through challenges, and they understand that we want our team to succeed both in work and in life. With any partnership, you want to ensure that your partners are an extension of you in terms of values and drivers – and we have that in spades with The Coaching Studio – combining these traits with their expertise is pure magic and we’re so grateful for that.

I love when they say ‘hmm this sounds similar to a past experience…’ we feel like we’re learning from the collective learning of other companies.”