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Opportunity and Growth in a Crisis

TCS expands team to support leaders and teams through unprecedented times

In a time when there are so many challenges and demands in the world, it feels especially important to celebrate good news. The Coaching Studio is therefore so glad to invite you to join us in celebrating the addition of two new Studio Consultants, Alexandra Phizicky and Alison Caldwell Johnson!

The growth of The Coaching Studio team is a direct response to the ever-increasing demand for the value and impact we deliver, which have become even more valuable as organizations navigate the recent complex circumstances we all find ourselves in. In particular, The Coaching Studio is coming alongside leaders and teams to support change management, leadership development and customized coaching as the world continues to shift in ways none of us anticipated.

So, meet our new consultants…

Alex Phizicky (CEC, Royal Roads) joined The Coaching Studio in June 2020, bringing passion-fuelled possibility thinking and a tenacious commitment to business development.  Having started her own career in fast-paced tech startups, designing sales strategies, developing teams, and growing revenue at some of Vancouver’s most successful tech companies, Alex is no stranger to developing teams in an ever-changing environment and her experience shines in her work with our clients. “I truly believe that when people are engaged, happy, and feeling confident in their abilities, teams succeed. Finding the clarity and energy to flourish as an individual allows teams to unite and excel. I’m delighted to be working with a team that shares my vision for what is possible for leaders and organizations of all kinds.”

Alison Caldwell Johnson (CLC, ACC) arrived soon after Alex, in July 2020. She comes with more than 25 years’ experience in engagement work within the non-profit sector and strong coaching background. Her unique ability to engage with people and teams in such a way that each person feels seen, heard and known is the hallmark of her work, as is her insight and humour as a facilitator and coach. “The privilege of joining a team that focuses on the things that matter to me – deep listening, authenticity and impact – is one I’m grateful for. The Coaching Studio has built an environment where each of us can thrive, and in turn, clients thrive. It’s an exciting time to be doing work I love with a team that does it so well.”

We are grateful for the contributions Alex and Alison have already made and look forward to celebrating their impact with the clients they will work within the months and years ahead.

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Working with the team at The Coaching Studio has been the key to transforming the leadership team and the culture here at Response Biomedical.  The ability to make a positive change to a company’s ability to succeed in a competitive market is directly linked to the leadership skills of the CEO and executive team.  The Coaching Studio has had a profound effect on my performance and has pushed me towards a level of leadership I never would have reached without their support.

Barbara Kinnaird, Chief Executive Officer, Response Biomedical