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Live 360 Feedback

Develop leadership strengths and new leadership skills with this comprehensive and inspiring feedback tool.

your leadership.

Feedback is a powerful tool to enhance career prospects, grow your leadership strengths and create meaningful new impact in your organization.

High-performing leaders thrive with feedback. This process is co-designed with you and key stakeholders in your organization to enhance and clarify your current leadership strengths, uncover new leadership possibilities and provide multiple data points to consider in your development. Chosen stakeholders are engaged to provide feedback via online surveys and/or an interview process.

The Live 360 Feedback process results in a detailed and comprehensive report that will bring to life key areas for development. Participants receive a two-part in-depth debrief with a leadership coach to explore the findings and generate an action plan complete with goals for key development areas.

Level up your leadership awareness and lead by example in exploring constructive feedback designed to support your growth with this top-notch, customized suite of Live 360 Feedback tools.

For optimal results, combine this program with Leadership Coaching or Executive Coaching and 1:1 Leadership Development.

Key program outcomes:
  • Enhanced self-awareness and new-found clarity of key strengths and development areas
  • Increased leadership effectiveness, self-appreciation and confidence through strategic goal setting, accountability and action
  • Strengthened alignment between personal leadership goals and organizational leadership competencies
  • Strengthened, renewed and deepened relationships with key stakeholders
  • Rejuvenated commitment to elevate leadership strengths and learning areas
  • Actionable development plan and engagement with key strategic stakeholders
Program details:
  • Live 360 Feedback online questionnaires for self and feedback providers
  • Customized questions based on organizational leadership competencies
  • Personalized feedback interviews with key stakeholders conducted by experienced and qualified Leadership Consultants
  • Comprehensive reporting and in-depth, detailed debrief sessions with Leadership Consultants
  • Clarified development agenda and actionable development steps

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