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Leadership Coaching

Grow your leadership mindset, create positive impact for your organization and take your knowledge and leadership skills to the next level.

Grow your leadership impact.

Grow your career and leadership impact with a world-class leadership coaching program that supports your individual development needs and wants.

In this world-class coaching program, you will partner with a designated coach to explore and develop key leadership approaches specific to your circumstance and situation. Through curious inquiry and in a confidential setting, we will explore areas of focus specific to each coaching client. In partnership with your coach, you will be supported with information, tools, reflection to generate a meaningful set of actions and learnings to take forward and apply.

To ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives, key inputs to this process include identification of strengths and development opportunities, connections to business and/or personal outcomes, 360° feedback data, assessments, and perspectives from key stakeholders.

Make the most of your career opportunities, take a step in your leadership journey, and grow your positive impact in your work and world with this world-class coaching program.

For optimal results, combine this program with Live 360 Feedback and 1:1 Leadership Development.

Key program outcomes:
  • Articulation and achievement of goals that positively impact self, team and organization
  • Increased efficiency in advancing complex challenges and removing roadblocks
  • Growth in confidence and accountability to increase impactful organizational results
  • Development of specific leadership skills and abilities as relevant to specific circumstances
  • Heightened leadership ability coupled with enhanced leadership performance in critical areas
Program details:
  • High-impact, individualized support
  • Confidential conversations that advance key development areas
  • Alignment of learning objectives with managers and stakeholders
  • Learning report-outs for managers and stakeholders
  • Includes information, tools and development suggestions
  • Flexible scheduling options and ad-hoc support included

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