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1:1 Leadership Development

Advance and elevate key leadership areas and create positive business and career outcomes with this individualized program.

leadership impact.

Advance key leadership skills in this focused, skill-based leadership training and coaching program for individual leaders.

In our 1:1 leadership development programs, each individual participant is partnered with an experienced leadership coach to advance key topic areas and advance their skills through a series of powerful learning experiences in a high-touch leadership development journey.

This program is ideal for leaders who wish to advance a specific leadership skill in an individual learning environment. Each program consists of a comprehensive, curated series of learning experiences, including learning objectives, assessments, reading and video materials, 1:1 learning meetings, on-the-job application, learning reflections and impact measurements.

For optimal results, combine this program with a Live 360 Feedback and Leadership Coaching or Executive coaching.

Key program outcomes:
  • Strengthen key leadership areas & skills of individual leaders
  • Allow individuals in leadership roles to shine and create impact
  • Develop key leaders in specific areas for complete performance success
  • Create an immediate, positive performance shift for key leaders
  • Increase leadership effectiveness in key leadership topics
Program details:
  • Comprehensive 4-month program
  • High-touch, personalized, virtual delivery
  • Choose from 8 key topic areas
  • On-the-job learning & results-focused applications

Courses available in this program:

Leadership Foundations
Learn to the leadership skills required to excel at leading teams and managing individual contributors. This program is ideal for strong technical leaders wishing to further evolve their people leadership skills.
Effective Communication
Learn to optimize your communication style and approaches to fit a multitude of common leadership scenarios for optimal outcomes in developing people, ensuring alignment and achieving results.
Leading Remote & Hybrid Teams
Learn to build engagement, drive results and develop a high-performance team culture in multi-location, remote and hybrid team environments.
Managing Performance
Learn sophisticated tools to diagnose and elevate performance strengths and opportunities for managing the performance of individual leaders on your teams.
Presentation Skills
Learn specific, usable tools to elevate presentation skills in in-person and hybrid settings and elevate your ability to influence key stakeholders in formal and informal settings.
Engaging Your Team
Learn comprehensive approaches to build a lasting team culture and elevate your team to a high-performance standard with a focus on achieving strategic results.
Leadership Impact With EQ
Learn specific facts and approaches to advance your leadership impact, and build meaningful and productive relationships using emotional intelligence tools.
Performance Feedback

Learn key tools to excel at managing performance evaluation processes at review time and use high-impact techniques for providing ongoing, timely feedback.

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