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leadership experts.

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We are a team of global leadership development experts.

Leadership Development Experts

Stephanie Ryan
Studio President
Lyndsey Dyer
Executive Vice President
Angad Singh Nirh
Studio Vice President
Bronwyn Smith
Leadership Consultant
Russell Hunter
Leadership Consultant

Program Management & Client Success

Jenny Vo
Director of Operations
Zuzana Gombikova
Program Coordinator
Monica Cordoba
Program Coordinator
Yutaan Lin
Program Coordinator
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A little bit about us:

We are a world-class firm of passionate leaders. Our sophisticated approach identifies and activates a leadership development strategy that best aligns with your industry, organization, objectives and culture.

Our experience speaks for itself. As highly knowledgeable and educated partners, we can help you unlock new levels of your business success, by empowering your leaders. We use our systematic and comprehensive development approaches to transform groups of individuals into high- impact, interconnected teams.

At the highest level, we are your strategic partner to create your ‘fit-for-purpose’ organizational culture and impact. As award-winning leadership development experts, we ask the right questions at opportune times to spark the ‘a-ha’ moment for even the most skeptical individuals. We inspire small day-to-day actions that lead to measurable, monumental, performance and organizational transformations.

We are your long-term partner for your journey of leadership development!

“Working with The Coaching Studio has had a profound effect on my performance, and has pushed me towards levels of leadership I never would have reached without their support.”

- CEO at Biomedical Company