Bronwyn Smith

Leadership Consultant

Bronwyn is a dynamic and deeply experienced Leadership Consultant. She has worked extensively with industry-leading and national organizations to design and implement large-scale Leadership Development and Coaching Programs, linking core values to critical competencies and creating observable shifts in key leadership behaviours. 

Bronwyn is a sought-after expert and experienced professional in leadership development in Canada and beyond. Throughout her extensive career, she has worked at all levels of organizations to lead, design, implement and deliver leadership development programs, both nationally and locally. Her extensive organizational experience, education and strategic mindset make her an ideal partner in developing and delivering 360-degree, high-impact leadership development programs. ​

As a leadership consultant Bronwyn has a proven track record of enhancing team performance to drive business results. She is adept at optimizing team structures and processes to maximize relationships and achieve goals. Whether it’s through effective communication, strategic planning, or targeted leadership development, Bronwyn is committed to empowering teams to reach their full potential and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Bronwyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Psychology from the University of Alberta, is a trained Co-Active Coach and holds a wide variety of relevant certificates and diplomas.