Yutaan Lin

Program Coordinator

Yutaan is a versatile multidisciplinary designer, grounded in industrial design, communication, and UX/UI. He takes pride in delivering seamless and user-centered client experience while ensuring a strong visual and marketing personality for brands. 

Originating from Johannesburg, South Africa, Yutaan is deeply committed to community engagement, employing co-creative and participatory design methods to organize events fostering social and cultural learning. His extensive background includes impactful work in health design research, co-creative educational design, and a director role at the Vancouver Design Nerds collective, highlighting his leadership in shaping creative spaces.

A passionate image-maker and fabricator, Yutaan brings his creativity to life through graphic arts, 3D design, illustration, and photography. His artistic pursuits aim to create objects and images that not only captivate but also evoke emotions, laughter, and intrigue. In the intersection of creativity and innovation, Yutaan continues to push boundaries and make a lasting mark in the world of design.

Yutaan holds a Bachelors of Design from Emily Carr University,