“We were able to promote healthy conflict, and it pushed the boundaries of the company to do new things.”

As our company was reaching the scale-up phase, we began noticing a culture clash as we added more people to support our growth. Those that have been in the company for years, and the other 50% who has recently joined weren’t speaking the same language.

Our CEO initially worked with Andi directly, then brought the leadership team and I to work on leadership skills. At first, I was hesitant since I’d never worked with a coach, but Stephanie and Michelle were quick to make me laugh, and we often ended up going overtime in our sessions because there was always more to talk about.

We decided to invest in 3 different modules geared towards 3 employee groups in our company. Their team helped us work through the soft skills of leadership. They helped facilitate discussions, allowing us to work together through the awkwardness, and jumping in when they needed to. As we continued with the sessions, giving appreciation to our team slowly became part of our routine.