“We have a lot of facilitators we’ve worked with, but we stick with The Coaching Studio because we like their experiential side. Engagement is the way they approach their coaching, and we love that.”

We first started using The Coaching Studio’s services through Andi with Executive Team Coaching and Leadership when we needed help becoming a high performing team. We quickly learned the value of understanding each other first, in order to work together.

We then brought The Coaching Studio Team in as our lead engagement support for our future state project. They assisted in re-engaging the networking on strategic decisions and resetting relationships to help drive our agenda forward.

They worked with us on “meeting design” and “process design”. It was an 18-month journey and they got us all the way to the finish line. They taught us how to show up with content and shaped our approach through facilitated meetings. Working with The Coaching Studio is uncomfortable at first because you don’t just sit in a boardroom and listen – they make you do the intense deep work.

It’s been 5 years working with them, and since then, the executive team and I continue to use their Coaching 360 and they are our core engagement facilitators when we need help focusing on what we need to accomplish.