“They’re really pragmatic, but also emotionally intelligent with a rich support service.”

I was looking for someone who could help me balance both the strategic and tactical sides of the company. I came from a non-profit world, but my board came from the corporate tech world – we spoke different languages.

I’ve always been a big believer in coaching, and have experienced many styles over the years, but what stood out to me about The Coaching Studio is that they’re really pragmatic but also emotionally intelligent with a rich support service.

I began working with Andi and now primarily with Stephanie, and we took the company through a professional development program for all 3 layers of leadership – integrating coaching as well as training with management on skills in particular areas.

I noticed the team and management have evolved in communication styles, and with a mix of both non-profit and corporate tech backgrounds – communication was essential. We’re continuing to build a stronger dynamic team, and practice confidently communicating clearly. After completing the 3 layers of leadership, we’re now working as a cohesive, full-functioning team.