“It’s more of a partnership, and less of a client relationship.”

Prior to partnering with The Coaching Studio, we hadn’t previously invested heavily in our leaders and solely relied on their level of natural ability and past experience prior to Plenty of Fish to lead their teams. After identifying a number of areas where our managers needed support, we sought out The Coaching Studio.

What stood out to us about The Coaching Studio was their experience and rapport with other tech companies. Their understanding of our landscape and individual stories and credentials in their bios made choosing their team an easy choice.T

hrough the 18 months, we received Executive and Leadership Coaching, Collective Development Sessions, and Coaching Skills Development with leaders in the company. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our managers who participated in the program. They have expressed that they enjoyed the course content, found long-term value in it, and were inspired by the facilitators.

What we appreciated most was their partnership approach. Follow up is important to us, and there was longevity in the follow-up. They ensured the goals we set out were reached and quickly adapted programs that aligned with our company culture and feedback.

This year, we’re excited to be participating in a Coaching Skills Development program, teaching our leaders their own coaching skills so they can coach their teams.