“Working with an expert coach made this [1:1 Leadership Development] learning experience much richer than other virtual learning programs I’ve experienced before.”


Terri is a distinguished scientist and accomplished leader poised for a future executive role.

She currently holds the position of Director at a rapidly expanding biotech company, which has witnessed remarkable growth, increasing its workforce from 20 individuals to over 500 in less than five years. In the dynamic environment of such a rapidly growing organization, leaders like Terri must continually adapt and enhance their communication and leadership proficiencies.


As Terri’s team expanded and evolved, she began to observe challenges in effectively conveying messages to her teams, peers, and leaders, resulting in misunderstandings. During this period, she received constructive feedback from her Associate Director, highlighting the need for improvement in her communication skills.


Over the subsequent year, despite her earnest endeavors to refine her communication style independently, Terri sensed that she was still falling short of her goals. While she received support from colleagues who provided mentorship and advice, she believed that further improvement was necessary.


Terri enrolled in The Coaching Studio’s 1:1 Leadership Development program, with a specific focuson Effective Communication. Over four months, Terri worked one-on-one with an expert coach to complete four modules designed to uplevel her skills in areas such as:

• Building trust by communicating with empathy

• Active listening to better understand the needs of others

• Responding to the communication needs of different audiences

• Developing her storytelling skills

• Developing her confidence and clarity when communicating

In addition to the structured educational curriculum, which includes curated videos and articles, Terri engaged in regular meetings with her coach each week. These sessions served as a platform for her to learn and receive guidance on effectively applying her newfound knowledge in her day-to-day leadership role.

Terri particularly valued the personalized attention, immediacy, and flexibility offered by the program. Its adaptability to address her specific leadership challenges and the accommodating scheduling flexibility made it a convenient fit for her busy schedule as a leader in a rapidly growing, high-intensity business.


Terri’s progress was evident to her and her colleagues almost immediately. Within the first week of commencing the 1:1 Leadership Development program, she successfully integrated the lessons learned into her work. In a matter of weeks, her Associate Director acknowledged significant improvements in her performance, including her enhanced active listening skills and her newfound ability to succinctly communicate complex concepts.