Russell Hunter

Russell is a seasoned executive, organizational development consultant, and certified leadership coach with over two decades of leadership experience, specializing in sustaining high performance for leaders.  Russell brings over 20 years of leadership experience as a business executive, organizational development consultant and certified executive coach. His signature strength is helping leaders sustain high levels of […]

Yutaan Lin

Yutaan is a versatile multidisciplinary designer, grounded in industrial design, communication, and UX/UI. He takes pride in delivering seamless and user-centered client experience while ensuring a strong visual and marketing personality for brands.  Originating from Johannesburg, South Africa, Yutaan is deeply committed to community engagement, employing co-creative and participatory design methods to organize events fostering […]

Marc Bitanga

Team Portrait of Marc Bitanga, standing in a dark blue suit in front of a glass office building.

Marc is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of operational leadership experience. Marc has extensive experience coaching individuals and teams to high performance and has seen first-hand the impact of transformational leadership on organizational growth. Marc is a trusted advisor to rapid-growth organizations around the world and is a passionate advocate of the transformative […]

Zuzana Gombikova

Team Portrait of Zuzana Gombikova, standing in a blue business jacket in front of an apartment building.

Zuzana is a consummate professional and experienced Program Coordinator. She has more than five years of experience in HR, office management, and administration across a wide variety of industries including education, software development, gaming, and more. Zuzana prides herself in maximizing client satisfaction and exceeding project and business objectives. She brings her expertise in working […]

Monica Cordoba

Monica Cordoba is a highly accomplished and skilled Program Coordinator with over five years of experience in customer satisfaction, systems administration, and coordination across diverse industries and countries. Monica prides herself on her exceptional organizational and coordination abilities and delivering outstanding customer service to all her clients. She firmly believes in building and fostering meaningful […]

Lyndsey Dyer

Team Portrait of Lyndsey Dyer, standing in a business suit in a park.

Lyndsey is a visionary leader with expertise in people strategy, talent development, team optimization, and organizational change. She is an innovative practitioner who deeply believes in the transformational power of exceptional leadership. Lyndsey is recognized as a thought leader, innovator, and trusted advisor by HR leaders and executives around the world. ​ Over her career, Lyndsey […]

Jenny Vo

Team Portrait of Jenny Vo, standing in a white business suit in front of an office building.

Jenny is an exemplary leader in the leadership development operations field. With over seven years of experience delivering large scale in-person, hybrid and virtual programing in all aspects of the leadership development field, she is ideally positioned to lead The Coaching Studio’s Client Experience and Program Management team. Jenny is passionate about helping leaders thrive […]

Bronwyn Smith

Team Portrait of Bronwyn Smith, standing in a white jacket and patterned shirt, in a parking lot.

Bronwyn is a dynamic and deeply experienced Leadership Consultant. She has worked extensively with industry-leading and national organizations to design and implement large-scale Leadership Development and Coaching Programs, linking core values to critical competencies and creating observable shifts in key leadership behaviours.  Bronwyn is a sought-after expert and experienced professional in leadership development in Canada […]

Alison Caldwell Johnson

Team Portrait of Allison Caldwell Johnson, standing in a grey shirt in a park.

Alison is a passionate Leadership Development Expert focused on connecting people to their unique combination of values, strengths and skills. She has extensive experience in working with operational and leadership teams across North America in a wide variety of industries and sectors to optimize performance, deliver outcomes, build action plans and generate a culture for […]

Michelle Robindell

Team Portrait of Michelle Robindell, standing in a black shirt in front of a grey wall.

Michelle is a highly experienced Leadership Consultant and Coach with over two decades of experience in creating meaningful change in large, complex organizations. She has a deep personal passion for helping leaders accelerate and heighten their positive impact on their organization’s outcomes, on their people and culture, and on the world.  Michelle is a deeply knowledgeable […]